The Author Themself

Or: Who does this guy think they areis, anyway?

Oh, hello! My name is Marijn Florence Robert [Lastname]. I'm a Dutch citizen residing in Northern England (help). I'm non-binary (more specifically, genderfluid); I go by they/them, xe/xem/xir[Pronunciation]xe: zee
xem: zem (stressed) or zəm (unstressed)
xir: zur or zeer
[IPA]xe: /ziː/
xem: /ˈzɛm/~/zəm/
xir: /zɜːɹ/ or /zɪə̯r/
, he/him, and she/her, although if you're going to pick one, i'd suggest you go with one of the gender-neutral ones. (if you refresh the page the pronouns used in the header will probably change!) I'm also a hellenic pagan worshipping Apollo, Dionysus, and Hermaphroditus; some day i'll set up a page with further detail on that subject.

You can find me on the tumblr at @concerned-batavian, and on the discord at marijn🌈xo#0270. (if you got my discord info via neocities, put it in your username temporarily or something— i'm not exactly in the habit of accepting friend requests from non-mutuals)

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